Canadian War Posters
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Canadian War Poster Collection at McGill University. And if that doesn't strike your fancy, the list of digital collections include such time-honoured favourites as Expo '67, and the award-winner for unexpected collection, Gynaecology in Traditional Chinese Medicine. (previously)
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Also, I'll be checking the thread, so if anyone wants a rough translation of some of the French posters that do not have English equivalents, I'd be glad to oblige.
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After 5 minutes of clicking around I think I will do what I usually do with alpha indexed collections and wait for people here to post the interesting ones.
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I'm personally a big fan of the WWII recruiting ones.
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such time-honoured favourites as Expo '67

Awesome. I'm enjoying Habitat 67 cooling its jets and its cooling jets.
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Interesting to see the Brewers' Pavilion. My understanding is that it was here that Montrealers discovered they enjoyed drinking beer on an outdoor terrace, motivating them to change the laws and happily resulting in the many terrasses that now grace the city.
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Hey, thanks for this post! I go to McGill and I've marveled over the display cases that Rare Books and Special Collections sets up in McLennan, but I didn't realize McGill would've posted so much online. The wonders of our digital age.
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