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Norwich (UK)-based DJ 78 (aka Dave Guttridge) plays the great tracks of yesteryear using only two wind-up gramophones and a pile of 78s (watch). Now he's got his own monthly radio show, Shellac Shake, complete with podcast.
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Good stuff! In a similar vein is WFMU's Antique Phonograph Music Program hosted by MAC on Tuesday evenings. It is also available as a podcast.
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This post has lured me out of lurking and into registering just to say that Dave78 is truly a king among men. He played some songs at my wedding earlier this year and is not only a worthy champion of pre-60s music but a thoroughly nice man to boot. I would recommend him (and, by extension, his new radio show) to anyone.

There. That's my £3.13 worth.
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He just needs a Flavor Flav type sidekick with a grandfather clock necklace and a monocle.
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These excellent folks just restored the reproducer & motor of our 1922 Victor VV-260, and it sounds better than it ever has for us.

These machines are not rare - millions were manufactured and they were built like tanks.

I encourage everyone to keep a crank up gramophone and some 78s around so that if the world falls apart we can go out dancing.
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Rats. I was hoping to see some mad 78 turntablist skillz.
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if the world falls apart we can go out dancing.

You can just bang on rocks and sticks if you need to, really.
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I'm delighted to see he is using the picnic model gramophone, with internal horn. I have one too, and have found it invaluable during power cuts.
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Holy jumpin' George! I didn't think anyone was using Realmedia anymore.
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I like how RealPlayer is more obsolete than 78s now.
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Wondered who Radio Norwich had brought in to replace Alan Partridge.
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