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A relatively long list of music videos by Michel Gondry. From his humble beginnings with Oui Oui to his eventual mastery of both space and time.

Oui Oui - Bolide
Oui Oui - Un Joyeux Noël
Oui Oui - Junior Et Sa Voix D'Or

Oui Oui - Les Cailloux

Oui Oui - Ma Maison

Peter & the Electro Kitsch Band - Dad, laisse-moi conduire la Cad
Les Objects - La normalité
Les Objects - Sarah

RoBERT - Les Jupes
Thomas Dolby - Close But No Cigar
Laurent Voulzy - Paradoxal Système
Oui Oui - La Ville
Etienne Daho - Les Voyages Immobiles
Mark Curry - Blow Me Down

Hothouse Flower - This is It
Belinda Carlisle - Big Scary Animal
Björk - Human Behaviour
Lenny Kravitz - Believe
Sananda Maitreya - She Kissed Me
IAM - Je Danse Le Mia
Jean François Coen - La Tour de Pise
Inspiral Carpets - Two Worlds Collide

Lucas - Lucas With the Lid Off
Stina Nordenstam - Little Star

Rolling Stones - Like a Rolling Stone
Björk - Isobel
Massive Attack - Protection
The Black Crowes - High Head Blues
Björk - Army of Me
Sinéad O'Connor - Fire on Babylon

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
Björk - Hyper-Ballad

Björk - Bachelorette
Beck - Deadweight
Björk - Jóga
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Sheryl Crow - A Change Would Do You Good
Daft Punk Around the World
Neneh Cherry - Feel It

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Wyclef Jean - Another One Bites the Dust
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
Radiohead - Knives Out

Kylie Minogue - Come into My World
Noir Desir - A l'envers a l'endroit
The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
The White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl

The Whites Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
Lacquer - Behind

The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day
The Vines - Winning Days
Gary Jules - Mad World
The Vines - Ride
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man
The Willowz - I Wonder

Kanye West - Heard'em Say
The White Stripes - The Denial Twist

Beck - Cellphone's Dead
Cody ChesnuTT - King of the Game

Björk - Declare Independence
Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

Dick Annegarn - Soleil du soir

Flight of the Conchords - Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor
Flight of the Conchords - Carol Brown
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This is beyond epic. This is MetaEpic.

Thank you SOOOOOO much.
posted by hippybear at 2:02 PM on June 26, 2009

Nicely done! Thanks.
posted by foxy_hedgehog at 2:03 PM on June 26, 2009

There is an obvious and direct line from the very first video to Be Kind Rewind. This is a man who fell in love EARLY with the joy of moving pictures, and realized that even complete artifice can be used skillfully to convey the story. Budget be damned. The truth lies in the vision, and a persistent artist will not be dismayed by such trivial things as lack of location or even actors. Make The Movie. If you imbue your work with heart, the artifice falls to the wayside.
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Wow, I was going to put some snarky post about having no mastery of story, but damn! I had no idea he made so many videos. And i've checked out his dvd.

Whatever else I can say about his cinema, his craft is exquisite and I actually think it finds it's highest form here.

Nice post!
posted by lumpenprole at 2:14 PM on June 26, 2009

Love Gondry's stuff. Even the tiniest little clips.

Sorry, I realize there's already a ton of stuff to watch here!
posted by orme at 2:15 PM on June 26, 2009

I've wished upon many occasions that my life was the "Let Forever Be" video.

posted by Lucinda at 2:16 PM on June 26, 2009

I always thought that the "Let Forever Be" video was suppose to be what life in hell was suppose to be like.
posted by Weebot at 2:17 PM on June 26, 2009

Gondry made the "Little star" video for Stina Nordenstam? As a fan of both (but by far more interested in Stina Nordenstam, actually listening to her right now), why didn't I know this...

That video was what got my interested in Stina, and I first saw it on some MTV Europe show late one friday evening on some show by a small blond woman mostly showing ambient/techno-music-videos? Well, it was 15 years ago...
posted by rpn at 2:19 PM on June 26, 2009

Oh, thanks! His videos have been some of the best among this very new form of expression.

He's not doing it as a standalone product anymore, but for a hundred bucks you can purchase a DVD set and a personal, hand-drawn portrait from him of your ugly mug on his website.
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Oh man this is a fantastic post. I'd had no idea that he'd done that inspiral carpets video!

The "hardest button to button" video makes me laugh uncontrollably every time I watch it. I love this guy.
posted by capnsue at 2:49 PM on June 26, 2009

Absolutely fantastic post. Thank you for your indelible kindness.
posted by Lacking Subtlety at 2:56 PM on June 26, 2009

I always thought Lucas would make it big.
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I first discovered Michael Gondry through asking AskMe to identify what turned out to be the Cibo Mato - Sugar Water video as mentioned above. So yay AskMe!
posted by benzo8 at 3:03 PM on June 26, 2009

The Cibo Matto video was my first taste of Gondry. I saw it on MTV2 when M2 first debuted. I was so excited by the video that I missed the artist and song title. I think I watched MTV2 religiously just to find the video again.

Split screen - one going forward, one going backward.

Then, when I went to college I heard the song playing while someone was watching an episode of Buffy. Pre-YouTube, I searched the Internets high and low to get a glimpse of the video, but could only find a 30 second clip on a Japanese website.

I know he's all hyped up now, but after watching Science of Sleep, I looked him up on Wikipedia, only to discover that although I didn't know of him, I had inadvertently loved almost 90% of his music videos between 1996 and 2004. Every time I had watched a movie or a music video of his, I'm left incredulous that he can translate his visions so beautifully.
posted by alice ayres at 3:06 PM on June 26, 2009

One of my favorite anecdotes from the DVD about the making of Sugar Water was how Miho Hatori would mess up the intricate plotting and filming by misspelling "Su" and "Wa" (her half of "Sugar Water") at the very end of the shot.
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benzo8, I should have previewed! I wish I had had AskMe in seventh grade! The comments in your AskMe echo my exact sentiments. And the same thing happened to you (being so captivated that you missed the blurb at the end with the name of the song).

I don't know if it's because I worked so hard to see that video again, but it is one of probably my favorite music videos.
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Yeah, it's a totally hypnotic video. At first you're not even quite sure what's going on, but then it dawns on your what your watching and you get totally swept away - it's a bit like watching Memento!
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Gondry's work is just fantastic. Palindromes (Sugar Water), recursion (Bachelorette), making visual elements represent the music (Hardest Button and Star Guitar). And Kylie looks way sexier in Come Into My World than in Spinning Around (aka the Hot Pants One). Contra a previous comment, a DVD of his work is available under the "Director's Label" label (if that's not a tautology). Also available in that label: Chris Cunningham and Spike Jonze.

Gondry's advertising work is listed here and includes: Smirnoff,
Gap and Air France (with music by the Chemical Brothers).

I recognised so much of myself in Jim Carrey's character (and a couple of my exes in Kate Winslet's) that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind genuinely frightened me.
posted by Electric Dragon at 3:34 PM on June 26, 2009

Wow, great link. Love his work.
posted by hypersloth at 3:40 PM on June 26, 2009

Oh also: The Making of Star Guitar
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Don't skip Walkie-Talkie Man especially if you knit.
posted by waraw at 3:45 PM on June 26, 2009

Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man

If you were exposed to this nightmare song through the DS game Elite Beat Agents, the definitive video would be here. (Mega64)

posted by kid ichorous at 4:05 PM on June 26, 2009

Just got my "portrait by Gondry" today. I love it!
posted by ElmerFishpaw at 4:09 PM on June 26, 2009

hypersloth: oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou. It's like Being Michel Gondry, only you don't get dumped out on the side of a highway, and you actually learn how his mind works a bit!
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I discovered Gondry's work when a friend showed me the video for Star Guitar. Trippiest thing ever.

Best thing on MetaFilter all day.

*bookmarks it for later viewing while unsober*
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Awesome. It's hard to pick a favorite Gondry video for me, but the one that pops into my head from time to time is Come Into My World for Kylie Minough. The song is disposable but what an amazingly fun video.
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Er, by "great link", I meant "great post". With a capital great.

hippybear: You're welcome. I had a horrible day; glad to hear something went right.
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When I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in the theatre, right when Jim Carrey's character narrated the line "Why do I fall in love with every woman I see who shows me the least bit of attention?", there was an audible groan of painful recognition from the male part of the audience. Bullseye! Right in the heart.

Gondry is nothing if not a romantic.
posted by Bobby Bittman at 3:04 AM on June 27, 2009

Lovely stuff.
posted by Artw at 6:17 AM on June 27, 2009

Bobby Bittman: I always thought that Jim Carrey's character was more Kaufman than Gondry. I think that Gael Garcia Bernal in Science of Sleep was closer to embodying what his ideas of men and romance are -- which is to say it is much more autobiographical, and much more self-lacerating.
posted by Weebot at 11:29 AM on June 27, 2009

hypersloth - cheers for that one! Always wanted to know how he did that.

and Gondry has a second dvd of his work. WOOT!
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can somebody please make a youtube playlist of all these?
posted by jcruelty at 2:12 PM on July 10, 2009

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