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Daryl Peveto is a freelance photographer and videographer with a passion for social documentary storytelling. Over the last few years he has worked on issues ranging from American nomads to bullfighting in Tijuana to Antarctica: The White Continent to the black market economies of Peru. His photoblog is a sketchbook for story ideas and visual explorations.
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Recent newlywed Jerry Jones kisses his new wife Darla at the slab of Johnny Hilliard. The couple, which found a common bond through their mutual addition to crystal meth and crack cocaine, says that they are meant for each other. Just prior to meeting Jerry, a local drug dealer kidnapped Darla and, she says, "I was anally raped for two weeks before I escaped." Jerry found her walking down the road after her kidnapping and now sees himself as her protector. He added, "I am here to protect her and take care of her. She is my woman now." [link to photo]

Cracking stuff - no pun intended.
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That American Nomads link contains some of the most depressing shit I've ever read.

The one with all the sheep made me chuckle, though.
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Wow, fantastic images & story snippets. I was going to quote the text caterpillar posted, then saw it was posted and went back for something better... thinking it would take more than a couple of clicks. Nope.
Judd Jones chokes his best friend Dave Hines because Hines wouldn't share his snuff with him. Both men suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and medicate themselves with anything they can find. Today it was malt liquor stolen from the nearby market. Jones was arrested later that day for an outstanding warrant from December when he raped his mother and set her trailer on fire with her in it. She did manage escape.
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That American Nomads gallery is just another project by those crazy French students right?
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