The Beast of the Long-Neck Banjo
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Billy Faier got tired of burning copies of his long-out-of-print albums, and is giving them away: The Art of the Five String Banjo (1957), Travelin' Man (1958), The Beast of Billy Faier (1964), Banjo (1973) and Banjoes, Birdsong and Mother Earth (1987).

Faier discovered banjo in Washington Square in the late 1940s, transcribed Pete Seeger's intricate Goofing-off Suite (which you might know better as this movie theme) and gave John Sebastian his first paid recording gig.

Banjo, recorded for John Fahey's Takoma Records, is on a different planet from the squeaky-clean folk recordings Faier made in the 1950s.
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This looks interesting! I shall enjoy investigating. Thanks
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Yes, this is great. Thanks.
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There's also a live recording from 1969: Live at the Café Lena.

The world needs more long-neck banjo players.
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At first glance, I took the "burning copies of his long-out-of-print albums" mention in the headline literally.
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It can't be cheap to host all these mp3s... I wonder if Faier would mind if there were a torrent put together?
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What great stuff, many thanks.
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Beautiful. Beautiful. Unexpected and exactly what I needed to lighten up. You got yourself into a pinball machine of karma here, scruss.
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How cool is it that he lists his cell phone no. on his site?
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Billy seems to have an orphaned bit of his website - the Memorabilia section. Who knew he hung out with Dylan, and had Big Bill Broonzy run after his wife?
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Mr. Faier wrote me back an email saying to "share away" ... so with that: here's a torrent link.
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I just wanted to come back and say thanks. This is excellent, and not something I'd have come across without Metafilter.
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