"People in the film industry here in the UK need to work twice as hard, for half as much, to make something that is five times better than something that would come out of the States."
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Telstar: A film about the genius Joe Meek, had a fittingly interesting route to the screen. [previously]
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Looks very promising. I always get Joe Meek and Phil Spector confused.

Puzzling, though, that they didn't use the actual song in the trailer. It's such a great instrumental.

Not sure how I feel about that dig at US filmmaking at the end of the article, though.
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I had a dream about this.
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I always get Joe Meek and Phil Spector confused.

Meek killed himself after committing murder. Spector went to jail.
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roll truck roll - reality is a really weird thing isn't it?
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I always get Joe Meek and Phil Spector confused.

The biggest tragedy is, they were scheduled to co-produce Charles Manson's major-label debut, but a little nastiness at the Tate residence skewered the plan...
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ouch... telstar was a pretty clean cut song back in the day... I'm not remembering this kind of stuff related to it...

thanks, but no thanks, but i'm gonna relish the innocence of my youth..
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I was just re-reading a bunch of entries on the totally awesome Another Nickle in the Machine (and looking for skiffle tracks on iTunes), and this post has brought everything I've been reading and watching and listening to full circle:

Nick Moran is directing a film about Joe Meek, who lived on Holloway Road, as did Michael X (and Joe Orton, who also appears in this piece about Joe Meek and being gay in England in the 60's). Michael X was a character in a recent film called The Bank Job, which starred Jason Statham, who was also in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with Nick Moran.

It pleases me when the things I've been wasting time on tie up so neatly. Like it was meant to be.
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I really want to see this - Joe Meek is perfect fodder for a movie. He won me over years ago once I heard John Leyton's "Johnny Remember Me", which he produced. And it's the production that totally sells that song.

The longer trailer on the official site makes me want to see it even more!
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I'm a movie now? It's hard enough just being an asshole.
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Also, Joe Orton died in a murder-suicide in 1967. Coincidence, or something more sinister?
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Looks cool. Sadly, there's no-one listed in the IMDB page for George Bellamy, rhythm guitarist with The Tornados and father of Matt... Yes, indirectly, Joe Meek was responsible for (probably the best band around today) : Muse...
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