Neologisms + Aves = wordbirds
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wordbirds: word coinages illustrated by photos of birds. Glutenglutton Aplorable Mealbreaker Apoca-lips
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ZOMG A friend of mine was describing how a possum had broken into her chicken coop and killed a couple of chickens. Neither of us knew that possums would do this. She said she had discovered one of the pullets dead one morning, and the coop door wide open.

I told her she had gotten a "Pullet surprise".

Years! Years I had waited for that opportunity.
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Say-Birds! Blatantly stolen from the BBC's early 70's segment Sam on Boff's Island. Sort of...
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Factose-intolerant gave me a chuckle.
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Flagged for lack of reference to "The bird is the word"
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This is way cute. Thanks.
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Lototomized, ha! I love this site. Just my cup of verbal mischief. Thanks for the joy, Stewriffic.
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Oh man, going through these more thoroughly, there are some really good neologisms. And the pictures are wonderful accompaniment. Totally a +fave.
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Isn't neolojism what you get when you're a little too excited about your own cleverness?

As the wise old owl once said: I'm sorry, I hoot myself too.
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I can't believe this woman linked directly to all the images she's loaded on her web site. She's stealing the images right off of their home servers.
posted by Mo Nickels at 1:40 PM on July 13, 2009

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