More kung-fu flash madness...
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More kung-fu flash madness... this time, with Bruce Lee! Someone managed to attach an image of Lee's head in various expressions to make a somewhat 3d version of the stick fight. Wild. (From Usr/bin/girl)
posted by Cavatica (6 comments total)
(From Usr/bin/girl)

Aw, foo. Why get j00r 1337 links from there when K10K covers it about a month earlier?
posted by Jongo at 5:15 AM on June 14, 2001

Ah, I didn't know k10k covered that. Damn, I thought I was showing the world something new. :) Well, recycled, at least.
posted by Cavatica at 5:18 AM on June 14, 2001

Bah you guys sound like a bunch of high school kids.. "Well, you know what, so-and-so invited me to their party, so I'm cool". A-list name dropping is lame.
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 7:23 AM on June 14, 2001

Wait, wait, wait, timeout.

Personally, I don't believe I was name dropping. If it appeared that I was, I'm sorry. I only mentioned usr/bin/girl because that's where I originally found the link. I performed a search here, didn't find anything similar to it and posted it because it seemed new to me. I figured it would seem new to others as well. When Jongo mentioned it was already on k10k, I was just upset that I was probably the last person to have seen it, and was showing everyone something as old as the All Your Base.

I wasn't shooting for Brownie Points, or "A-List Name Dropping". I was merely referencing where I found the link from.

Okay, you can return to your regularly scheduled Programming.
posted by Cavatica at 7:36 AM on June 14, 2001

That, like, wasn't English. It was cool.
posted by DyRE at 7:49 AM on June 14, 2001

Nah. k10k haven't been having bandwidth problems lately, so their readerbase must have dropped. Thanks for sharing it with us anyways. I forgot where it was.

posted by Jongo at 9:06 AM on June 14, 2001

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