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Iran: The Rooftop Project. "This is meant to be the most complete possible collection of recordings of nighttime protest in Iran since the beginning of the uprising. Its goal is to locate and profile at least one video for each night primarily focusing on the nightly chanting of Allah-o-Akbar from the rooftops, whenever that footage is available. Some of these videos have not been widely seen until now." [Via]
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Allah O' Akbar? I didn't realize god was Irish.
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Watching these gave me actual chills.

hal_c_on, I think the point is if that you get a bunch of people doing it all over the city in the dark, no-one can really tell where it's coming from.
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I'm protesting right now into my soup.

My chinese soup.
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They're mad as hell... etc.
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I agree with hal_c_on that posting these seems dangerous. Nevertheless, I listed to several. I found this one heartbreaking. It's shown with subtitles. It was filmed after Neda was killed. Over the rooftop shouts, a young girl is praying and pleading with God to listen to and answer her people's prayers.
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Taking seriously what ooga_booga said, it immediately bugged me that the phrase was so badly mistranscribed. The Arabic I'm familiar with can most closely be written in English as Allah-hu-Akbar, and the only significant difference I can hear in the Farsi in the videos is the last word, which sounds more like "Ashbar." These are all approximations, of course, since there are consonant and guttural sounds involved that don't exist in English (written or spoken) but I would have liked someone who's obviously so passionate about this cause to get something like this right.

Of course, this is coming from an Israeli-born Jew, so take it for what it's worth.
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ooga_booga clearly isn't Irish.
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I really don't think the "I can't identify the actual protester, so I won't beat anyone in this building" arguments work for the goon squads.

They don't need video to tell them which buildings people are yelling from. They can just look up.
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it made me cry. heartfelt peoples' protest always does. wonderful post.

also, though, it made me cry because i don't believe in god, and it's tragic to hear people crying for a reaction from an obviously indifferent man in the sky.
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I hope these protests aren't in vain. These people are crying out for help and it doesn't seem like the world is ready to step up to the plate. Hopefully the Iranian clerics(radicals) can step aside and let the real Iranians run there government.
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Iran's Terrifying Facebook Police

Wow. Iranian members of Facebook would be well-advised to change their search privacy settings to "friends only" and "no networks" and to change their Twitter accounts so that their real names are not connected.
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Behind Iran's Silence
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