A Chill on Global Warmth?
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A setback for global warming activists? A professional meteorologist, not some crackpot, thinks we may be now entering a much colder climatic period in the western hemisphere. Worth taking a few minutes to read and consider!

I posted this link solely because I personally was quite intrigued by this blog entry. By no means am I convinced that global warming is not a reality because of this one opinion. Also there are plenty of other reasons to cut emissions and otherwise clean up our environmental mess (like breathing and enjoying seafood and other living things). The hard part about being certain that global warming is real is that our records, quite frankly, suck. With barely more than a hundred years of detailed data, how can we be sure? I'm sure some of you will hate me for this suggestion, but rest assured, I didn't vote for Bush!
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From the comments:

Mark Vogan:

Hi everyone,
Thought I would post a comment to introduce myself since many of you were wondering who this Mark Vogan is. Yes I am a native of Northern Ireland originally but have lived in Scotland for 19 years.
I am not a meteorologist but merely a baker in a local supermarket, sorry to disappoint many of you.

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I bet his poetry's excellent, though.
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Hmmm, something's wrong here. The forecast for this post does not look good.
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I can't possibly take anyone who uses capitalized words for emphasis seriously, especially when he's talking about science... also, he used the phrase 'pro-global warming crowd,' which makes me think he has an agenda. Also, he uses the phrase 'I believe' a lot without citing much actual evidence.

I don't mind reading about real science that argues against global warming, but this ain't it.
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Just in case it wasn't clear -- the guy who posted this blog entry, Mark Vogan, is not a professional meteorologist. He's a baker who follows the weather, and pretty avidly, I'd say. How his stuff got on Henry Margusity's blog I have no idea.
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The human consequences of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere reach far beyond changes in climate. The forecasts for carbon driven ocean acidification are sobering, and make terrestrial consequences of climate shifts look like a cakewalk. Using "uncertainty" arguments to lobby against regulation on carbon--- now that's crackpot.
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Anecdotal evidence would point to continued higher temps during the summer, but colder winters. Extremes.

Whatever. Having a blog don't make you no expert, fancy bakerman.
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I bet this guy's never taken a chemistry class.

Because he is so full of shit I can't even begin to explain it. From ice core evidence to an upsurge in atmospheric CO2 to the fact that ice cover, which reflects heat from the earth, is melting so fast that oceans, which absorb heat, are absorbing even more heat in a vicious cycle that isn't being broken anytime soon...

Lesson: Don't listen to professional bakers when getting your atmospheric chemistry advice.
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Oooh a professional meteorologist! I'm sold.
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