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I am going to be sooo annoying for the next couple of days.
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That was fun, but I think I like cortex's version.
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So I guess just shouting "more cowbell" doesn't cut it anymore?
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Yea, I love cortex's too! That's some good stuff.

Man, I hope this isn't racist, but I know some Asian (Philipino/Vietnamese-that's Asian right?) guys who knock my socks off. They're just guys I work with, and they can do John Wayne (that's pretty common), Neil kinda rotund guy can do a perfect young Frank Sinatra. It's uncanny.

Fun post. Happy Birthday Metafilter!
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When my girlfriend has one too many to drink, her Noo Yawk accent comes out in a way that reminds me of Walken. I love her for that.
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I live with J (an old and dear friend) and A (his girlfriend). One day, J and I were trying to do Christopher Walken impressions at each other, and we discovered that we were both incredibly bad at it. Like, just unbelievably bad, straight up sounding like a Russian Tony Soprano filtered through Ernie from Sesame Street. Nothing like Christopher Walken. Nothing whatsoever.

Of course, this cracked us up to no end, and we immediately proclaimed ourselves to be the best Christopher Walken impersonators on earth. Since then, whenever one of us does his Christopher Walken impression, the other one's duty is to look absolutely gobsmacked, then excitedly compliment the impersonator on the verisimiltude of the impression, using praise as fevered and over-the-top as he can make it, while the impersonator smirks with false modesty, nodding in agreement. The impersonator then says a few more words in the style of Walken, while the other one pumps his fist and bellows enthusiastically, shouting loudly about how how AMAZINGLY FUCKING GOOD that was, how that is EASILY THE BEST Christopher Walken impression he has EVER heard, my GOD, that is fucking UNCANNY, MAN.

J's girlfriend haaaaaaaaates it
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omigod. I watched it. all
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I want to stop watching it, but I can't. God help me.
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At first I was going to say that I went to college with this guy, but then this guy turned out to be fairly talented.
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A comedian named Craig Gass does the best Walken. He also does a perfect Pacino and Sam Kinison. I'm sure it's on YouTube somewhere.
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Kevin Spacey remains the gold standard of Walken impersonators, of course.
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Greg Nog: I am known among my friends for being absolutely AWFUL at voice impersonations (except for those few where I'm bizarrely dead-on, such as Towelie or Herbert-the-Creepy-Old-Man from Family Guy, which are pretty similar, really)

But a friend of mine can do an AMAZING Meatwad, a feat which I've tried on numerous occasions to match, but now my friends will ask me to do my Meatwad just because it's so far from anything resembling the ATHF character that it becomes comedy in its own right.
posted by Navelgazer at 6:30 PM on July 14, 2009 friends will ask me to do my Meatwad just because it's so far from anything resembling the ATHF character that it becomes comedy in its own right.

Sounds like what happened when I tried to impersonate Chewbacca. I can definitely do a decent Meatwad, but only for certain phrases and vocal ranges... Arise chicken!
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Hand downs...the best...contest OV.
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I hope the aliens don't find this when evaluating our civilization.
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I thought Jay Mohr was the established Walken King.
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Greg Nog: That's what these guys do.

I once did a really good Walken impression completely by accident. I was just telling a story about something that happened to me, and the guy I was talking to asked me why I was doing a Christopher Walken impression. I didn't even realise I was doing it!
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Yeah I'd take either Jay Mohr or Kevin Pollack over Spacey.
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Just walk without rhythm so you wont attract the worm
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This kid is adorable! I can watch him talk about Christopher Walken all say.
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I almost bailed at the geek impression, which made Jerry Lewis look good, but I guess that was intentional. He turns out to really think technically about his accents.

It was disconcerting how his speaking voice slipped back and forth between various levels of Walken, New Yawk, and RP. And as he stated he was going for verisimilitude, not the "overexaggeration" that makes for a good parody.
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Can an aspie have that kind of voice range/control? (NOT ASPIEIST)
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Guess what everyone; my actual voice is a Christopher Walken impression. It isn't dead on or anything. If I was trying to do a Christopher Walken impression it wouldn't be very good. But my normal speaking voice is remarkably similar to Christopher Walken's voice. There's also some Shatner in there too. I think a lot of it comes down to how I manage pauses. When I don't know what to say instead of using filler words I pause to search for the perfect diction choice. It's so pronounced that when I'm on a job interview I use a voice that is a lot like a newscaster or, more accurately, a black comedian doing an impersonation of a white person.

A while ago there was a thread on how Jake Fogelnest put his telephone number online I called him and he thought it was a prank call and he twittered about the call.

The thing is, I can't even do a good impression of Walken if I try. It is just more or less my voice and me saying "I'm Christopher Walken, I was in the Deer Hunter."
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Just eat a lot. Of peanut butter. Make sure your tongue. Sticks to the bottom. Of your mouth! And then! You'll sound like. Christopher Walken.
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The Walken was cool, but my main reaction was to the video itself. If society is going to have have access to low cost video equipment and a plethora of one-to-many distribution networks, then basic video editing skills should be a course requirement in our schools.
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"I always knew, it was gonna be the ferns."

"Winston Churchill once said, 'the eyes, are the windows, of your face.'"
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That guy was great. Reminds me of the time...I shot a. Man. In Reno. Just him die. And now. Every time I...hear that whistle. I. Hang my head. And...cry.
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What I love about the Christopher Walken impressions is that they're all an impression of an impression. He doesn't actually talk like anybody in any of the impressions.

What I love more, is that the very best Christopher Walken impression is done by Christopher Walken: Christopher Walken's Three Little Pigs
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Christopher Walken doing William Shatner doing Meatwad. Go!
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Kevin Pollak did Walken telling the joke in The Aristocrats. Best thing in the movie.
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There's a convention arising here to use italics for Walken's signature accented words. It's perfect. The man actually speaks in italics.

From now on, I will read text with multiple italicized words in his voice.
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Kevin Pollak did Walken telling the joke in The Aristocrats. Best thing in the movie.

No, that would be Bob Saget's.
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