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The NAVIS project is a multilevel international database for ancient ships of Europe. The database has very detailed information and pictures of ships from the 2nd millenium BC to the 12th century AD (found whilst trying to answer this AskMe).

See also NAVIS 2 (ship depictions on objects).
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This project is unacceptable. It's clearly supported by the sinister General X, of the nefarious European Commission Directorate.

(Alright this actually looks like something I'm going to bookmark and browse through a lot while thinking about Vikings.)
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Java applet for navigation, frames, not only ancient ships, ancient web apps too.
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Pretty neat. The site must date from before '99, as one of the entries was about the forthcoming display of a ship in that year. It looks very much like the sites I was building in '96. I love when useful old sites like this are found.
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Was the website uncovered in 1995?
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If you see character strings like ??????? or , you are probably not using the correct browser settings. Because of its multilingual content, this web database uses Unicode enabled fonts. Therefore, in order to see the correct characters, please use the following browser settings:

With Microsoft IE4+:
- View Coding/Unicode (UTF-8)

With Netscape 4.51+:
- View/CaracterSet/Encoding/Unicode(UTF-8)
- View/CaracterSet/Encoding/Set Default
- Edit/Preferences/Fonts/choose one of the fonts 'Arial Unicode MS' or 'Bitstream Cyberbit'
- SHIFT reload

Why.... yes it was!
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