Gordon Waller dead at 64
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Gordon Waller of British duo Peter and Gordon had died at 64 Gordon Waller, from the British duo Peter and Gordon has died of cardiac arrest in CT this past weekend. The songs I really like to listen to from them was the one Paul McCartney wrote "A World Without Love" and "True Love Ways". Sad to hear he's passed.
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I knew Peter Asher has been a record producer for years now, but had no idea what happened to Gordon, except for getting confused with either Chad and/or Jeremy. Pity that.

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I love how the AP article says that "A World without Love," written by Paul McCartney, wasn't "up to the standard" of tracks that McCartney wrote for the Beatles, but that (according to a biographer) when McCartney re-worked it, Peter and Gordon "sang it with a pleasant laid-back yearning that transformed the song into a perfectly acceptable pop hit." The song's definitely a classic (not merely "perfectly acceptable"), albeit an underappreciated one.
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My favorites are the Del Shannon tune I Go to Pieces, and Woman. Love Me Baby is also good in an Everly Brothers kind of way.
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Please, lock me away.
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How about Peter and Gordon's "racy" musical-hall style hits: Lady Godiva and Knight in Rusty Armour. The harmony in the former, at the end, when they sing (for the last time) "La-a-ady Go-di-i-i-va" is really one of the most beautiful sounds anyone has ever recorded.
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Saw the lads in person in 1964--Roy Orbison was playing second act. . . great show.
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