Is it wrong to pay for sex?
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This is a great debate from the folks at Intelligence Squared comes a debate regarding the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution.

The whole debate is up here. Especially interesting are the arguments put forth by Tyler Cowen.

You can also read the debate transcript here or listen to the audio here.
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Please excuse the error in my header. This is my first post on the Blue and I was nervous.
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I think some links are borked.
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I'm sure a nice moderator will fix your links.
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From the second video, paraphrased:
"I won't forget the day that I was innocently buying my Metropass and drinking a coffee. Suddenly a man came up behind me and barked "You shouldn't drink those, they're fattening!"

Christ, what an asshole.
(On the 5th video so far, it is an excellent debate. More observations when I am done..)
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Is it wrong to pay for sex?

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Is this considered self-linking?
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The failure to link Intelligence Squared reminds me of the time my wife said to me something like "You know, I think we're really more intelligent than average." At which point I noted "your shirt is on backwards".
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