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8-miles wide: I just saw Storm Large's autobiographical show, "Crazy Enough." It was a great show, and this song concludes a key epiphany she had.

The video was just released yesterday, which she said was also the 50th anniversary of the famous ruling about Lady Chatterly's Lover. The video is SFW, but the lyrics probably aren't.
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anyone else guess what was 8 miles wide before clicking on the link?
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I think the onstage dancers nudge the video toward nsfw, too.
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<Jeff Greene>[ _ _ _ _ _ ]</Jeff Greene>

Awww, Storm Large!!! I remember her fondly from Rockstar: Part Deux; when she left the show, the "band" Supernova acted almost like they were the ones missing out on a chance to work with her. She's quite the woman- tall, brassy, whip-smart, gorgeous, amazing voice. Horrible fit for the fake band, but one of those performers that I'm surprised hasn't really broken out into huge success- she's got all the pieces.

Actually, RS was an odd and wonderful fluke of a show. The first season had a certain something amazing- for better or worse, I think INXS was sincerely looking for a lead singer and made as good a choice as could be made- and the second was the season where the talent on stage vastly eclipsed that of the fake "band" they were auditioning for.

And the worst episode of either season of Rockstar had more talent on display than an entire season of American Idol.
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Also, I know Storm is out of Portland... was the "just the boys" scene shot in the famous "Mary's" strip club?
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I must say. I was not expecting it to be that great. I am now compelled to find out who this woman is and if she has more music like this. Thank you very much.
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this is way, way better than it should be. thanks!
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When I get songs in my head, I have a tendency to sing the chorus out loud, often loudly and without realizing I'm doing it. Today should be interesting.
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carmen: ...sing the chorus out loud... Last night Storm predicted this, and to the audience said "you're welcome!"

lizarrd: compelled to find out who this woman is and if she has more music like this. The great google will help you here, and I feel impertinent doing so, but I'll humbly submit that her Rockstar Supernova performance of "Ladylike" is a good place to start. Digging further back in her catalog, Star Strangled Pushernoia, her mashup of the Star Spangled banner with Pusherman, and Paranoia, gives you a good idea of what her weekly show at Dante's Inferno in downtown Portland was like (pre Rockstar-days).

es_de_bah: way, way better than it should be pretty much sums up my reaction to Storm. If this were a put-on, as I feel much of the "way out there" folks in the media are, she would be easy(-ier) to dismiss. But her one-woman show, Crazy Enough convinced me what I already knew: she's for real. She's channeling rage and honest craziness through rock and roll, as a survival mechanism. So far, it's working...I really, really, wish her the best of luck. We're all the beneficiaries.
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Ten years ago I was the entertainment reporter at a tiny daily paper in a ski town in Colorado and interviewed Storm before a show. I was just blown away -- but the thing that really stayed with me was a lyric she'd written: "When I'm holding your hand, I'm only thinking of your fingers."

I still think it's the sexiest, dirtiest thing I've ever heard.
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My personal Fav of Hers. Her Live shows are AWESOME!!!!!
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She's a Portland institution, and beyond. We're proud to have her. And we knew she was too good for RS.
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That's what anal is for. To give us a second bite at the cherry.
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When we saw Crazy Enough, Storm told us that on the previous night they were lucky enough to have gotten a sign language translator for the first time. When they came to that chorus, she said that the interpreter's eyes went a little wide -- i guess there's no direct translation -- but the band then demonstrated that she figured out she could so a sort of 'pie' shape (you know, for ladies!) and then swing her arms out wide. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the night.
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That is uncomfortably catchy.

She also makes some dead-on points. Well played.
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Ha! Amazing. I love her. And yes, that's Mary's....

Also my friend (and Portland institution) Malice makes an appearance there at the end.
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This was the best thing I've ever seen.
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Mind blown.
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A short film with a similar conceit, although frostier: The Big Empty.
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