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Peter Morville is widely recognized as a father of the information architecture field, and he serves as an advocate for the critical roles that search and findability play in defining web user experience. His recent project titled Search Patterns, is a sandbox for collecting search examples, patterns, and anti-patterns; for example spime search, the ability to query objects in motion and find things in the real world. Morville is also on the editorial board of the new Journal of Information Architecture.
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Excellent, thanks netbros.
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Peter Morville is a geek hero of mine and I didn't know his name before your post. What a wonderful discovery. Thanks netbros. Interesting to 'meet' one of the persons responsible for the architecture and structure of my searches experience on the web these ten years I've been online.

This presentation of his work is really quite good. The geek audience's oohs and ahhs are a fun part. Oooh a 9 circle diagram! He talks about using Flickr as his public pattern library, making it a "conversation" with the public.

Googling search pattern to learn more about it, I came across these interesting looking ones for the Coast Guard.
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Peter Morville's work is fantastic and has been the source of many an inspiration for me. Thanks for this.
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This is fine post, indeed! Very interestin....wait, Ridley Scott is directing the new Alien prequel?!

[joins mad rush]
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