Obama's Iran Policy
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The Biden and Clinton Mutinies
posted by ageispolis at 8:30 PM on August 1, 2009

Three hundred million beers.
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I Ran (So Far Away)
posted by Evilspork at 9:04 PM on August 1, 2009

The whole Gates fiasco seems to have hurt the President badly. Even my liberal friends think that he overstepped his boundaries. Plus the whole "lets discuss this over a beer" thing seems like a overplayed attempt to put the controversy to bed.

That plus Biden and Clinton's Iranian chicanery combines to make him look a little weak. I hope he reverses course by getting his cabinet under control and leaving ZOMG MEDIA CONTROVERSY to the DOJ where it belongs.
posted by Avenger at 10:46 PM on August 1, 2009

I don't really know what Obama could do to help Iran. Any attempt to help the resistance will be viewed negatively inside Iran - it could easily ruin its legitimacy and popular support inside the country, and that will get it destroyed faster than anything else could. Really aside from sitting back and repeating the standard line about hoping democracy succeeds and whatnot, he shouldn't be doing anything.
posted by Mitrovarr at 10:54 PM on August 1, 2009

Obama can help the Iranian resistance considerably by improving their capacity to communicate. How about supporting people who set up proxy servers for dissidents? Ain't much connection that route.
posted by jeffburdges at 6:51 AM on August 2, 2009

I don't care who is in the White House. The United States doesn't have a sterling track record when it comes to interventions in other countries. A two-decade voluntary respite from deliberate interference in the elections and whatnot of other countries might earn some respect back for the U.S.

I understand that, just by existing, the United States is still powerful and wealthy enough that it cannot help but create ripples, even if it is scratching the odd flea. We have all kinds of obligations in terms of treaties and foreign aid. Our economies are interwoven. We interfere just by existing.

But I'm thinking a little break from dispatching troops and deposing one guy so we can put some other guy in there and tweaking elections so "the good guys win" would be a good way to refocus our energies on our own problems, which are numerous, and might even soothe the fears of those who see the United States as the puppeteer behind their local tragedies.
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Not much hope there adipocere with Mr Dennis "realpolitik" Ross being the US Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia.
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why not slash their funding by a 100%?
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What Cheney Forfeited
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Additional thoughts on this article from Spencer Ackerman.

That plus Biden and Clinton's Iranian chicanery combines to make him look a little weak.
Not to me, to me he appears confident enough in his own judgment to hear it criticized by informed, articulate people who disagree with it.
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The Biden and Clinton Mutinies

This article is absolute and complete speculative horseshit. Behind the scenes Obama is actually overseeing a Democratic Party reunification that has brought the Party machines together in a way unseen since the fracture at the end of the Clinton administration. You want proof? How about Billy Bob going to bat for Al Gore? Talk about mending fences.
posted by Pollomacho at 11:55 AM on August 4, 2009

Beware Neocons Bearing Boycotts
posted by homunculus at 12:33 PM on August 6, 2009

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