Lori Samsel's Get in the Van
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Lori Samsel's Get in the Van (trailer, gallery, testimonials) is a space out masterpiece 25 minute greenscreen live-action/animation/puppet exercise video set to chiptune electronic music by Desert Planet, 8bitpeoples Twilight Electric, Plasticflesh, and others that will take your dimension to another dimension. The entire video in all its blown out seziure inducing over the top eye candy beep boop beep glory can be downloaded (550meg .avi, divx codec) from archive.org.

I couldn't find a good link for Plasticflesh's music but I did find the root directory to all of it. That guy has some amazing C64 looking animated films like Nullsleep - Dirty ROM Dance Mix. Desert Planet have some interesting music videos too, like Return of the Ninja Droids. The only place I could find the song used in the trailer is at http://www.micromusic.net called 'theres more' by Commie 64 (an old pseudonym for Twilight Electric).
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That truly awesome trailer video reminds me that it's been a while since I've seen Liquid Sky.
posted by Pastabagel at 6:31 AM on August 13, 2009

Yeah, isn't the decade we grew up in hilarious.
posted by ciderwoman at 7:05 AM on August 13, 2009

Oh yeah, Liquid sky is great. Both films very NYC, though it goes without saying greenwich village is now brooklyn and 500k is now 0.
posted by psychobum at 8:03 AM on August 13, 2009

There is only one "Get in the Van" and it was released by 2.13.61 Publications in 1995.
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Seconding that. It's this.
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I'm assuming that's why it's called "Lori Samsel's Get In The Van". I guess Henry Rollins fans should ask, WWHRD?
posted by psychobum at 9:14 AM on August 13, 2009

downloading it now...hope it's as good a workout as my current favorite workout video: "Sweet Moves: Be A Rockstar In Bed"
posted by sexyrobot at 10:41 AM on August 13, 2009

I detect Wareheim production.
posted by RobotVoodooPower at 6:43 PM on August 13, 2009

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