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Jason thinks he can set a new world record or something with the most obscene or porn-related posts in a row. Well we'll see about that! Let's challenge him! Let's beat him at his own game! Post porn on your weblog. Bring the goliath down! Just kidding, Jason, we love you! [get him, guys]
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Let me get the jump on Kottke's Saturday sex link: The Shower Project. One of the stranger things I've seen lately, some guy sets out to take a shower with 100 women in 1999 and says he actually did it. Currently there are 60 polaroids documenting it. What I wonder is how a guy actually convinced this many women that a) they should take a shower with him b) they should take a nude polaroid of themselves with him and c) let the guy put the pics on the web.

It's a strange, strange, world we live in...
posted by mathowie at 1:25 AM on February 26, 2000

The Shower Project...hmm, as we say over here "Only in America" :-)
posted by tomcosgrave at 7:27 AM on February 26, 2000

that man is my hero.
posted by palegirl at 9:45 AM on February 26, 2000

He reminds me a bit of Lance Arthur....

posted by tomcosgrave at 4:16 PM on February 26, 2000

Unfortunately, I believe the award for the most consecutive por-related links goes to the author of Sexlog: Inside Porn. The web log market is officially oversaturated.
posted by sixfoot6 at 10:21 PM on February 26, 2000

Thank you, Steven. These hundreds of pre-owned panties will look just smashing on Tami, my $5,000 Real Doll.
posted by sixfoot6 at 10:39 PM on February 26, 2000

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