Too Many Ex-Cons to Handle?
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Too Many Ex-Cons to Handle? A smidgen more enlightening than Bill O'Reilly's absurdist proposal for an Alaskan gulag. The article discusses a sudden boom, and convergence of opinion, in studies of the "re-entry" of prisoners (mostly non-sociopathic) into regular American life. Considering the boom in prisons over the past 20 years, there is a problem here. The research boom is said to be largely driven by pragmatism. An example of the new studies can be found at the Urban Institute (pdf file, longish scholarly monograph).
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Another take on the issue, from the U.S. Department of Justice's National Criminal Justice Reference Service, and with a catchier title: But They All Come Back. Much shorter Adobe Acrobat Reader file (apx. 10 pages) from May 2000.
posted by raysmj at 8:45 AM on June 19, 2001

hey ray, how about an even harder slant? call bill o'reilly a baby-eater or some shit.

me, i think a gulag, especially for violent criminals who just keep on killing every time they're let out, is a damn fine idea.
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jc: How's about reading the actual article? I'm all for separating violent criminals as much as possible. The O'Reilly thing was put in there because it sparked very little actual informative commentary. I got nothing out of it. The fact is, the vast majority of prisoners aren't in for violent crime. Can prison turn some people violent or more violent, though? Sure.
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