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Paul Tschinkel is the producer and director of the series called ART/new york. -- After showing video pieces in New York galleries, he turned to the fledgling New York cable system (Manhattan Cable downtown and Warner Cable uptown), producing a half hour weekly arts program - a gallery on television. From 1974 to 1979 Paul Tschinkel's Inner- Tube was devoted to conceptual and narrative video art pieces.

In 1979, Tschinkel turned from taping in his studio in Soho to recording and producing live Punk/New Wave music from New York clubs. This program, which ran from 1979 to 1984, presaged MTV and was the seminal Rock& Roll show that featured music from CBGB's, The Mudd Club, Max's Kansas City and many other venues in New York. It presented many young bands like the Ramones, Mink de Ville, The Cramps, The Heartbreakers, The Dead Kennedy's among many others. Johnny Thunders, Klaus Nomi, Jayne County ll Julian Schnabel, Lee Krasner, Malcolm Morley ll JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT Interview ll The Dead Boys ll Mink DeVille and Paul Shapiro ll Klaus Nomi (1982) ll Robert Mapplethorpe ll more here ll full dvd's available at ART/new york
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Interesting, there seems to have been some cross-over from T.V. Party NY (previously) Klaus Nomi was featured in one show, back on January 8th, 1979.
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excellent clip of Klaus up at Pitchfork -- The Nomi Song
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more Stew Lane and The Untouchables - Perpetrator - it doesn't get much more cable access, early '80s awesome than this.
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SNATCH - Judy Nylon & Patti Palladin
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