Lester Young Centennial
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Lester Young (Aug. 27, 1909–March 15, 1959) is given not just a memorial, but extensive musicological criticism and contextual information in this ten-chapter series by jazz pianist and blogger Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus. Solo transcriptions and analyses, interviews with Lee Konitz, Tootie and Jimmy Heath, Benny Golson, an essay on Young's influence on Miles Davis, a discographic primer and more. (Previously.)

For more of Iverson's top-notch jazz blogging, here's Do the Math's table of contents. A lot of this deserves to be published outside of the blogosphere.
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Nice post. Young was the focus on Rob Bamberger's Hot Jazz Saturday Night on WAMU last Saturday, and it was a delightful show.
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Lester Young's Minneapolis years, which I wrote about on my blog, is one of Minneapolis's only claims to having participated in the development of jazz in a really significant way, and it's almost totally forgotten by us Minneapolitans. Why? I guess we're sort of stupid about this sort of thing.
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A Minneapolitan myself, I never knew that until reading his Wiki bio today. Iverson's band started in the Twin Cities -- surprised he didn't mention it (that I've seen so far, at least). Thanks for the link.

And building on this (quoted from your blog post):
Lester initially [played] drums, until he got tired of assembling and disassembling the kits, whereupon he switched to saxophone.
bassist Richard Davis claims that the time it took to pack up the drums after a gig prevented Young from getting out and meeting the ladies in the audience, which was his motivation to switch instruments.
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Lester was also the posthumous recipient of the greatest elegy ever written in the course of human history.

(Yes, it is. It's adorable that you have another opinion, but it just IS.)
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Great post, thanks! Lester Young + Ethan Iverson = awesomeness.
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This is great! The transcriptions alone are a treasure trove of goodness.
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Nice post. I just wish I was musically learned enough to really understand all the analysis. Still, I love me some Prez.
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I believe the WKCR is doing a birthday broadcast right now.
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Following up OmniWise, you can listen to this week's Hot Jazz Saturday Night at http://wamu.org/programs/hjsn/ (until this coming Monday , when it gets replaced with this Saturday's).
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This is very good.
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Prez changed the way so many others played after him, and as we celebrate his centennial birthday, it's a shame so many online last week missed what would've been the 80th birthday of the great Bill Evans (August 16), about whom much the same can be said.
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Great post, thanks!

> I believe the WKCR is doing a birthday broadcast right now.

If they weren't, it would mean Phil Schaap had gone to the Great Microphone in the Sky and the station had been taken over by alien ants.
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Do The Math's long post-series are always excellent.

However, I just discovered via the post beneath the last post in the Lester Young series that Joe Maneri has died! Yesterday or the day before. Very sad.
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Oh, shit. Maneri was fantastic; I saw him just a few years ago. Since there probably won't be a post about him:
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