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Excellent. I wish the images were larger.
posted by cashman at 12:06 PM on August 28, 2009

This person is a damn good engraver. But then he'd have to be, to be an authorized engraver for Jaeger-LeCoultre.

That and watchmaking are good businesses to get into in the US, if you've got the skill for it and are willing to move to where the work is. The average age of practitioner in this country is something like 65, and as long as there are collectors, there will be demand. Not to mention that they're both dying artforms worthy of preservation.
posted by middleclasstool at 12:10 PM on August 28, 2009

Very cool. Thanks for this!
posted by oneirodynia at 5:06 PM on August 28, 2009

right on, thank you!
posted by blastrid at 6:16 PM on August 28, 2009

I'd like to buy a vowel.
posted by Balisong at 10:18 PM on August 28, 2009

posted by bilgepump at 11:36 PM on August 28, 2009

Nice. My Dad was an engraver, among other things.
posted by Duke999R at 3:55 AM on August 29, 2009

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