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How to Make (Primordial) Soup. Narrated for the Air & Space Museum 30+ years ago, in her own kitchen, by the one, the only, Julia Child. Bon appetit. (JC previously.) [10-minute SLYT]
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Yay Julia! I loved seeing her using that 12 inch chef's knife as a pointer.

Now let's see Carl Sagan whip up a french onion soup.
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there's another science video featuring Julia Child floating around out there somewhere...i saw it back in college chemistry...very funny stuff...she arranges a plate for her professor friend with chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans..."and now we put it in the oven at 550 degrees for 8 and 1/2 hours" "now look at that color...isn't that lovely"...everything was a delightful golden was about the elements, carbon in particular, and how you can find it everywhere...what a charming lady...i can't wait for the movie...

(although, IIRC, the primordial soup theory is now considered less like than Panspermia...not enough time for the molecules to do their little dance here...)
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Now that Julia Child's kitchen is in the American History museum, everyone should pay a visit.
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sexyrobot: it's from /A Ring of Truth/ by Philip Morrison
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ah yes..."a meal fit for a king!" thanks!
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This is sure to overtake that Indian nonsense in favorites.
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Adding this soup├žon: Maira Kalman's beautiful take on the primordial soup, her coming to America story, And The Pursuit of Happiness.
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After watching this video, can any of you Darwinists doubt that our universe is the work of an intelligent French chef? One who's tall beyond belief and whose voice commands multitudes?
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Julia Child rocks!
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The French Chef had no truck with the creationists, awesome!
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Nowadays, you would have some fancy schmancy Flash or 3D animation with pulsating arrows and such, describing the entire process. Julia just help up a couple of cards and pointed at them.

Now that's totally old school!

See kids, that's how we used to learn in my day - we were so poor, we didn't have a special stick for pointing. We used a knife and we liked it! You darn kids, with your sticks for pointing and sticks for stirring and sticks for walking and sticks for writing - we didn't even have sticks!
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