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Stray, The Unfamiliar, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Three stories of a group of dogs, and a cat, battling the supernatural courtesy of Evan Dorkin, Jill Thompson and Dark Horse Comics, released for free as a teaser for the forthcoming Beasts of Burden. (via)
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I'm a bit shocked to see that this appears to be the first time anyones done an Evan Dorkin related FPP.
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Those were fantastic. Thanks. And it was cool to see talking animals that weren't terribly anthropomorphized. The dog funeral reminded me of Watership Down.
posted by Hactar at 2:04 AM on September 14, 2009

I loved these. Thank you for posting!
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Thanks for the post, great stuff. Dark Horse rarely disappoints. Cheers.
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This is great, thank you.
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This was great!
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Wait, Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson are doing a comic about dogs? Awesome!
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ANND a cAtt MMoeow
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Dammit Mittens, how many times must I tell you to stay away from the computer! Sheesh.

Wait, what?
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This is a pretty weak collection of links, certainly not FPP-....awwwww, doggies!
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If anyone happens to be in the NYC area, Jill & Evan are doing a couple of appearances this week in support of the first issue being released - Staten Island on Wednesday, and Brooklyn Saturday.

BoB looks to be awesome, the earlier stories are great (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie has some of the creepiest zombie dogs I've seen, and still comes off as a very heartfelt tale). I'm planning to see them both on Saturday and give a little support.

I guess I can throw this in here - not exactly an interview, but a tiny glimpse of ED's brain, and a bit more of an interview. I've loved Evan's work for years, sometimes without realizing it (some of my favorite bits of the Superman animated series of the 90's were written by Evan and his then gf/now wife Sarah Dyer, I discovered years after first watching them). Anyway, enough babbling, top-flight fpp, and thanks!
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Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson are two of my favorite people in the comic industry. Love them both so very much.
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