Just another 100 days, hero!
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North Korea's "150 Day Battle" has been extended for another 100 days. The initiative was ostensibly aimed at ramping up internal production in the face of growing external trade reductions. Some analysts think it's a ploy, combined with recent missile launches , to solidify the base for the next regime.
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It's worth noting that there are also analysts who believe that the DPRK has put the brakes on regime change for now, though the "battle" continues.
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I'm so not looking forward to the next chapters in this story.

They can't keep cutting their belts any more in NK... people are starving... at some point it's going to collapse because people will simply have nothing left.
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"at some point it's going to collapse because people will simply have nothing left"

People have been saying that since 1953.
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It's weird living in South Korea. I never think about North Korea and aside from the older folks who have family there most Koreans act like it's on the Moon. Is this what East/West Berlin was like?
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Reading the first article it states that they are supposed to earn foreign currency by "collecting wild herbs and offering them to the state." Does that mean if I go out and pick a bunch of dandelion or sage or lavender that grows abundantly around my house, I can earn Euros for the State?
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