Utopian Communes in the British Isles
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Utopia Britannica is a collection of stories and a gazetter about utopian communes in the British Isles from the 14th Century up until the end of World War II. There are some incredible tales in here, such as 'Free Love' in 19th Century Somerset, St. Kilda, Death of an Island Republic, Percy Bysshe Shelley's attempted communes, Augustus John, the King of Bohemia and many more.
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The site was posted back in 2003 but that was part of a mega-Scottish-Islands-post and not featured on its own.
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King of Bohemia?
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Beinecke Library (previously) has a great section on Utopias and Dystopias in literature, and 26 utopian societies in the US, from 1638 to 1971. The list includes a local Coastal California group, the Halcyon community. If you're driving up the 101 from Los Angeles to San Francisco, about 2.5 hours into your trip you'll pass a Halcyon exit, which is a tip of the hat to the community that was (and to some degree, remains).
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I love gazetteers. Thanks for posting this!
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Oh, wow, I clicked on the Free Love link expecting fuzzy Wollstonecraft style utopias, and... wow.
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Augustus John! That's who I was thinking of before I blacked out last night! Thanks Kattullus!
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Thanks, Kattullus!
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bookmarked! thanks :)

my theme for the day
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wow! thanks, Katullus - excellent post!
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Why is "Utopian Community" so often a synonym for "run, not walk, away from these people?"
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