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The New York Review of Ideas is a web magazine reporting about New York commerce, literature and politics. The Manzine is actually £2 for the print version, but some of the its best is also online.
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Are these related in a way I did not notice, or are they just two odd webzines of interest?
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Good find. There is a good article there on Jay Parini who wrote a book about Leo Tolstoy's final days called 'The Last Station', which has been made into a really fine movie soon to be released.
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So does this hamper or enhance my ability to pretentiously refer to The New York Review of Books as simply The New York Review?
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I read Ian Crouch's "Canon Fodder" from the NYRI; to spare anyone else the time and effort of reading three pages of overanalyzed beans, here's the heart of it (SPOILER ALERT):
The Longman was the first competing anthology to be published in years, and according to Shesgreen, Norton was desperate to get a complete copy of the Longman’s table of contents. Later that year, they got it.
Most boring spy story ever!
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