CGI-brows short mockumentary
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CGI-brows (link goes to video on Vimeo which contains a naughty word but is otherwise SFW.) A short mockumentary about extreme emoting through SFX by RocketSausage (Dir. Andrew Gaynord) which has won the Virgin Media Shorts People's Choice Award for 2009.
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well produced; not that funny
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Yeah... in the first scene, where the eyebrows start moving up, I'm thinking, "This could be great...yes...ok...oh, way too far." Subtlety would have been great here.
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~ ^
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Huh. I was expecting something more like this.
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That first video in your link, Sys Rq, is fanTAStic.
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1) Make a pun as the title of your short film.
2) Take amusing concept and blow it completely by trying way too hard and avoiding any subtlety, making said pun really obnoxious.
3) ?????
4) Profit!
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~ ~

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 < Noooooooo!
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I vote for Sys Rq's video instead. It was way more awesome.

I expected at least like giant, oversized eyebrows preceding people into rooms and catching on the edges of doors or something. The actual thing was just... so bland.
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I'm with the rest of you. This could have been really funny and it was getting to be funny. Then it went too far and became really lame. Cadbury eyebrows made up for the let down.
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You kids and yer newfangled see-jee-eye whatsits! In my day we got our eyebrow giggles the proper way, with electric stimuli to the face! (gets interesting at 0:40)
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