Is memepool losing it?
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Is memepool losing it? With two "I'm so stupid" (or am I an advertising agency?) web sites (Miguel's and Amy Ritchie's sites) in the last three days, I have to wonder if the fine folks who contribute to memepool are slipping a bit. Or have I been thinking too highly of memepool all this time? Is it the web community in general?
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It's just a slow period for the Internet as a whole these days. Most sites aren't serving up the delicious content like they were around this time last year.

It'll pass, I'm sure.
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you think that's disgusting? some schmoe posted a totally useless "is memepool losing it?" thread on MeFi this morning!
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IMO, memepool has a higher signal to noise ratio than MetaFilter. memepool has been a little slow lately, but what hasn't? Besides through memepool, I learned about the wonders of Brother Jesus
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fat chicks in party hats is an institution and memepool just picked up on it?, though i liked the jailbird dating service.
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Metatalk has a "weblog grab bag" category for posts like this. Please make a note of it.
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For the money, memepool has brought me to more sites that I now visit regularily than Metafilter has. Two-thirds of the posts on MeFi basically act as a news portal, after all. "Hey, a news story that no one's posted yet! Maybe that'll get me some MeFi cred!" (come on, you know you do it too...)
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Sheesh. I found memepool a bore about three years ago!
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Wow! I've only found you a bore since May 18th!
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At least memepool can still dish out good sites. All MeFi has became is a digest of the AP feed via the NY Times.

As i see it (flame) MeFi is like Linux, alot contributing, MemePool is like BSD, good solid core of contributers (/flame)

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ah yes... fat chicks in party hats... quality.
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IMHO, is about 2/3 disguzzting pr0n links and 1/6 actual useful entertaining links. The other 1/6 is just usual dross. Fat chicks in party hats appeared on like csotd about 8 months ago. I wonder how engagingly handsome and slender its author might be....
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Dirty BSD lover!

Hey everyone, check out the BSD lover! Get a load of that guy!

posted by Succa at 6:13 AM on June 25, 2001

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