A collection of great works of hay
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The Hay in Art Database lists 6,779 works of art related to hay, such as images of haystacks (Rembrandt, Monet, Lichtenstein) or hay workers (Van Gogh, Picasso). The accompanying blog has essays exploring various themes of hay in art, including hay on water, hay in winter, and rolls in the hay. There is even an introduction to the poetry of hay.
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This site is bit old, but somehow it's never appeared on the Blue before.
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The internet makes me so happy sometimes.
posted by potch at 2:42 PM on October 7, 2009

This is what the internet was built for, thanks.
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It's something to do while the sun shines I guess.
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There's a website for everything...more than there is at least one trade publication for every profession.
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But no mention of Haystack Calhoun? Philistines.
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As someone who has rolled in the hay, in the biblical sense of the term, let me just say that it is highly overrated in terms of a located for that sort of activity.
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Er, location.
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Yeah...right. What is a located, anyway?
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I like the fact that the list all option is organized by date, instead of whenever these items were entered into the database. Also, the fact that the most recent blog post is on a fading form of hay-making, and is dated October 4, 2007, a few days over 2 years old. Nostalgia for nostalgic commentary, or something of the sort.

Wholly unrelated to the thoroughly interesting FPP (except I found this thanks to doc neg): Find A Grave lets you leave "virtual flowers", and that confuses me. I was hoping that the page would be a series of real pictures on the real grave, not a bunch of animated GIFs copied from MySpace.
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Where is the needle?
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No mention of Outkast?
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Ha, Ha! The memory of me, climbing up into the rafters of a barn and jumping into the hay hay is pretty vague. It's like I'm only 99 % sure it actually happened because I do know that the dream of jumping in a haystack was 100 % real when i was a kid so it all might just be a fabricated memory but I do know .... (some weird keyboard shortcut made me literally lose it)

... I like hay. It smells nice and reminds me of sun.
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Heigh-ho. I'm sorry but I found this very disappointing. The database is a mess and the images are small.
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... Rule 34 covered, I see.
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the images are small

The database just has thumbnails. You need to click on the link in the URL field to see the larger image. A more obvious gripe is that the site hasn't been completely maintained, so some of these URL links are dead. Nonetheless, I still think that this has to be one of the finest databases of hay-related art anywhere.
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Lovely, and also chuckleworthy. But mostly magnificent. I'm often kinda "meh" about ancient practices but the repetition and humble persistence kind of gets me. Wow, hay. Keeps us going, don't it?

When a wise man points at [some hay], the fool looks at the finger.
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All the unusual specificity of Roy Orbison in cling film, none of the creepy are-you-serious vibe. It's a winner!
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