Oddly enough, the most famous Dutch writer was a painter
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Vincent van Gogh's letters have been published online before, but never like this. In facsimile, when wanted. And accompanied by images of the drawings and paintings he was writing about. Sided by a weblog too.

The Vincent van Gogh Museum also have published all the letters in new translation, in a very expensive set. While they're also exhibiting the real letters, from tomorrow till 3th January 2010.
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This is incredible. I could (and probably will) spend the rest of the day reading this. How fantastic is this?:
[to Theo]You won’t take it amiss if I tell you to do one thing and another. I know you have your wits about you as well. Do not think everything good, and learn to distinguish for yourself between relative good and evil; and let that feeling show you the right way with guidance from above because, old boy, it’s so necessary ‘that God dispose us’. Do write again soon with some particulars, give my regards to my acquaintances, especially Mr Tersteeg and his family, and I wish you the very best. Adieu, believe me ever,

Your loving brother

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The letters site is really slick, and dense with information. No dreaded Fl*sh, just css and javascript? Nice. Gets a [this is good]!
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To Theo van Gogh. Auvers-sur-Oise, Wednesday, 23 July 1890
...More soon. Look after yourself, and good luck in business &c. Warm regards to Jo, and handshakes in thought.

Yours truly,

and then 4 days later he goes out and shoots himself. Not to get all "ohh art is all about pain and suffering" but his life had some damn tragic moments…and he had his brother to pull him through.
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Van Gogh's letters are well worth a read...here or in book form. The letters provide an unprecedented look into Vincent's mind and personality. I found it interesting to read between the lines... you can see how he was not well liked by those around him, probably an odd, abrasive personality, though his perception of other peoples' interactions with him is different.
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Fantastic find. The sketches in many of the letters strike me as incredible. I've seen quite a bit of Van Gogh the painter but to see the painters mind in "pre-production" is really fascinating. Thanks.
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It's so touching to read these letters in facsimile.
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I like the sketch for Letter 400.

Dear Theo,
I bought a giant waffle at Arles market today. It was a helluva job dragging it home.
Best, Vincent.
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The blog is very nice, too. I find the database a bit cumbersome to browse.
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Wow, this is fantastic. I have a book of letters he wrote (most of them are to Theo), but seeing the facsimiles with his handwriting somehow makes them more real and complete to me.
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