Scream Dracula Scream
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Chris Sims of the Invincible Super-Blog has tangled with the undead before, most notably with The Annotated Anita Blake, but now he's taking on the big daddy with the cape and the fangs: It's Dracula Week! Over on Comics Alliance Chris lists Dracula's Greatest Comics Appearances, then back on ISB he's followed up with Batman versus Dracula and Dracula versus Superman. Now he's taking on Dracula in his ultimate, most 70s form. Behold... BLACULA!
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Chris Sims is also responsible for last week's mini-meme: Superhero Facebook Updates.
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Three cheers for Pam Grier!
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The King of Cartoons!
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I'm so glad that someone else appreciates Blacula.
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Definitely the best comic book blog on the web.
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Yeah, Scream Blacula Scream is one of those movies you turn on late at night thinking it'll be funny-bad, but it's actually pretty darn good and definitely from planet They Gave A Damn.
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Blacula was the best! I even dressed up as Blacula for Halloween when I was 6. The costume? Plastic vampire teeth, a cape and a lot of , "Not Dracula, BLACULA. SHEESH."
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I'm a huge ISB fan, and a huge Blacula fan. The best thing about Blacula, however, is Gordon Pinsent's pants.

As a Canadian, I feel the performance of his pants in this film was a huge stride forward for our great nation, showing that yes, we of the Great White North can rock some tight trousers with an ass that beats the band.
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The original Blacula had a really sad story, considering that it was just a goofy blaxploitation horror movie. Mamuwalde is an African prince traveling through Europe to help convince people to stop the slave trade, and when he makes the mistake of visiting Dracula, he gets turned into a vampire and then locked in a coffin for 200 years for no reason other than that Dracula is crazy racist prick. Over the course of the film he mainly seems to be trying to get his dead wife back (she died in Dracula's prison while he was trapped in the coffin), and when the woman he becomes obsessed with dies (twice) he commits suicide. If most blaxploitation films are about fighting the system and defeating the Man, Blacula is about not being able to escape the system and getting beaten down by the Man.
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Whoa. Black Dynamite.
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It still blows my mind just a tiny bit that Tomb of Dracula was written by Marv Wolfman.
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