In This Light And On This Evening
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To promote their soon-to-be-released album, In This Light and On This Evening (coming October 27), British indie rockers Editors have made an interesting hack of Google Maps Street View. If you go to the Editors website here, you can wander through the streets of London looking for landmarks set out by the band.

At each of nine locations—one for each song on the record—you’ll hear music from the new album which, they say, was “inspired by the mood and magic of London at night.” And because they use Street View, we get 360-degree shots of each spot.
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A good way to accurately present the mood of London after dark is if they have one in front of a closed-for-the-night Brixton tube stop and all the band people have shrugged shoulders and the animal mask people are looking at iPhones trying to figure out which night bus transfers they will need to take to get back to Homerton or Bow or wherever.
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OK, the interface is pretty darn cool, even if they're not strictly running it off Google Maps (I'm not sure quite how they are running it).

But a few suggestions/bug reports:

* It's cool that the music gets louder as you approach, but it should likewise get softer as you move away from it

* Once you get the additional red arrow that takes you to each 360-degree band photo to appear, it doesn't disappear, even if you walk a mile away

* You should also be able to leave those red points, but once you get there, you're stuck, aside from using the little Google Map in the corner
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British indie rockers Editors have made

I think you mean Sony Music's finest viral marketers.

btw Can I expect to find this excellent new release in all good record stores?
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Most likely. What's your point?
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Ooo, are you the lead singer?
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I'm just curious whether your street team contact promised you a free badge for posting this, or if you're marketing landfill indie to us out of the goodness of your heart?
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The site isn't loading so I can't enjoy any of these fine musical features. Guess I'll just have to go back to normal and dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.
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Oh, don't call them "the" Editors -- you'll get a snotty letter from their manager/handler, as happened when a paper I worked for ran a review.
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How funny. They're on my street in one. Don't remeber those wolves visiting my local shop.
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