US Woman Killed in Malaysia
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US Woman Killed in Malaysia "Police believe an American woman whose remains were recently unearthed in Malaysia was used as a human sacrifice in a ritual to obtain lottery numbers from the spirits..." The article didn't say if they won. Not that it matters.
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This is unbelievably grotesque- especially since a 4-digit lottery, much less one in Malaysia, probably didn't have a big payoff. I mean, obviously it's insane to ritualistically kill a human being to get winning lottery numbers (Why the fuck didn't these people use a goat like other reported instances?), but at least it might be remotely understandable if the lottery in question was a $100-million dollar powerball or something.
posted by hincandenza at 6:28 PM on June 26, 2001

as great and interesting as metafilter is, it habitually shatters my faith in mankind (and I don't just mean the links!)
posted by mcsweetie at 6:53 PM on June 26, 2001

I killed a goat once to win a McDonald's scratch-off contest, but this is ridiculous. (I won hash browns)
posted by Doug at 7:05 PM on June 26, 2001

hincandenza, Its nice to know that you have a price in your head when its *proper* to murder someone. I'm sure a national drawing regardless of the numbers isn't bad for a desperate sorcerer in Malaysia.

For those interested the winning numbers for the next drawing after the disappearance are here. 4260. Which translates into April 2, 1960. Ironically, that's when the official Masonic magazine published all the Masonic symbols in the 1 dollar bill.
posted by skallas at 7:15 PM on June 26, 2001

Skallas- you misunderstand me. The point isn't that there's a price when it's *proper*, but rather that the price would be so low for these folks; from what I've gathered, a single ticket had a payoff of $790US dollars (no idea how many tickets they may have bought). That might be a large sum in Malaysia, but so large a human sacrifice was necessary? They could have used a goat; why a human being was necessary is still unclear. I guess what I'm thinking is that if drug dealers kill each other over $20M shipments of cocaine, it's sick but unsurprising. And if it was revealed that someone here in the US killed another person in a human sacrifice ritual to divine the latest hundred-million-dollar powerball drawing, that would be sick, but not that surprising. But what if you found out they did it for a Pick 3 with a payoff of $250? Or even a human sacrifice to win a free side of fries or hashbrowns? Do you see what I'm getting at?

Oh, and what's the irony of Masonic symbols being published on April 2nd, 1960? Would that be more "coincidence" or "random connection" than irony?
posted by hincandenza at 7:43 PM on June 26, 2001

But what if you found out they did it for a Pick 3 with a payoff of $250?

First off, I think 250 american goes a little longer than we might assume, being first world westerners and all. Second, he's obviously a delusional and desperate young man. I doubt the actual real value had much meaning other than money for, well almost, nothing. The mind of someone capable of murder isn't exactly something we can really put our thumbs on and understand.

More importantly trivial murders happen all the time - even in rich countries. Crackheads, bums, petty thieves, etc. Its not as glamorous as a human sacrifice but it is murder for small change. File this under not surprising.
posted by skallas at 8:32 PM on June 26, 2001

People kill in the US and everywhere else on the planet for the unknown contents of someone's wallet, so why is this such a big surprise? Grotesque, yes; unbelievable, no.
posted by lia at 10:30 PM on June 26, 2001

Dismissing the lottery ruse: An american woman has died in Malaysia. I say we start a boycott on that country. From now on, no more selling them scratch-offs! That oughtta teach'em a lesson!

That Cult of Liberty link was weird, Skallas. I felt a disturbance in The Force while reading that thing. Like dead popes were walking over my grave.
posted by ZachsMind at 10:36 PM on June 26, 2001

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