How would it be if a house was dreaming?
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From Urban Screen

A little more about this (in English)

An extended version

Another projection on this same building also from Urban Screen
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The camera motions seem really smooth. Is this CGI? (Not the projections, but the entire footage.)
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Can't wait until the until environment is covered in video.

Blade Runner wasn't even close.
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tresbizzare's link is well worth it.

I still have not seen a simple explanation how this is done. Do the people walking by see the same thing we do, from all angles? Does it look that real in person?
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Wow! Thanks tresbizzare. That was cool. I noticed in the bottom of tres' first link:

will be exposed by a battery of powerful projectors

It hadn't occurred to me that they would be using more than one projector. But that makes much more sense.

Yeah, I was wondering about how the perspective looks from different viewpoints. How much is this like those chalk sidewalk art pieces where they only make sense when you're standing in one specific place? I would guess that the optimal viewpoint for these is somewhat larger than for the sidewalk pieces, but how much, I don't know.
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I've seem several of these videos previously. But this time it occurred to me to wonder "Wait, how in the hell are they projecting shadows and black?

And then I felt very foolish.
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I think I might know what the next U2 tour's gonna look like.
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I think I might know what the next U2 tour's gonna look like.

Nah, they've already "been there, done that" with the POPMart tour way back in 1997.
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Cute! I have collected a couple of old slide projectors with the idea of doing slide shows on the wall of the apartment building next door (problems with the distance right now, longer lens, brighter light?), but this takes it to a whole new level.
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"It's always interesting to watch a psychotropic house try to adjust itself to strangers, particularly those at all guarded or suspicious. The responses vary, a blend of past reactions to negative emotions, the hostility of the previous tennants... " The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista by J. G. Ballard
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Fantastic. Thanks very much for the link
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