"More than one American has offered to buy up our Tower and erect it on Palm Beach as a bungalow!"
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The Open Road London pioneering colour footage from 1927 (SLYT)
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I really, really enjoyed that. Thank you for posting it.

Something striking to me that I never would have considered without this link: in my mind, a brown-brick facade characterizes the high street of most English towns and villages. London has always seemed to look much different. At several points in this video I saw views that really looked like the same buildings as in a village, just bigger and more densely packed. The reshaping of London after the Blitz is remarkable.
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Glorious. Thanks.
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This was shown as part of the BFI screening held in Trafalgar Square during their London Moves Me evening. We're having a mild autumn right now so having so many Londoners watching an outdoor screening of London transport in the heart of London itself had a strangely magical quality to it. The silent movies were scored by a live pianist who did a fabulous job of maintaining pace and tone with the old footage as it progressed up to films with their own soundtracks.

In stark contrast to The Open Road was Yohan Forbes' "Project One", a skateboard ride through the City from the Thames Barrier up to the South Bank where all the skateboarders hang out which he made on a shoestring budget.
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I was half-expecting the cop in the last shot to have a dialog card saying:

"What's all this then?"

I really dig old footage like this. Thanks.
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This was awesome, but I suggest turning on All Blues to add some good background music when you start.
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What amazed me was not so much how much has changed (the trolly buses, every single man wearing a suit and a hat) but how much has stayed the same - the London pageantry of Beefeaters and Guardsman. Plus earlier this year I stood in about the exact spot where they shot Trafalgar square and it's just about the same (bar the shop frontages)
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London is still so *red*. That dusty brick color is one I associate strongly with London and hey! it was there in the 20s too.
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This is a wonderful find! Just lovely.
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That's amazing. But I kept hoping to see a card like "Stanley Baldwin runs afoul of an Irishman..."
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Seconding Mayor Curley. Plus some bright young things doing their things.

Wonderful of course, but what a lost opportunity. I really should have liked a bit more plus ca change than all this plus c'est la meme chose.
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Why does the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament look different? The roof... the clock? Something.

When I saw this footage this morning I involuntarily exclaimed "wuh!" and watched open-mouthed.

All dead now, of course. Apart from the small girl by the fountain and the child with the peanuts, who might be alive in their mid-eighties. The bright young things would be over a hundred years old.
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Loved it!
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Why does the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament look different? The roof... the clock? Something.

The roof looks darker than it does today... there's also kind of a central band, between the two pitched sections (that you can see in this pic) that's lighter but looks totally dark in the footage.

The thing I noticed when I first watched it was how 'sooty' the building was in general, especially the lower walls. Of course the stonework has all been clean/restored since then.
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There's a definite din of soot coating things there. Nelson's column was surprisingly blackened. Good ol coal days. It was surprising to see everything I saw in 2006 looking relatively the same, minus the Gherkin.
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(Is the gherkin popular? I hate it and the ferris wheel more than I can say.)
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