Using VoIP in a noisy room?
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I use Mumble. My computer is in the living room. Right next to the TV. My fiancee loves CSI, and other dramas which seem to have a very dynamic volume. Are there any tips to make my mic pick up less crime, and more me? Or at least less crime? Because if I set Mumble onto speech activated, it's basically on constantly, due to the background noise. Thank you!
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I think you meant to post this to the green.
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Not to kvetch, but shouldn't this be in Ask MeFi?...
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Oh, crap.

I WAS in the green when I started this... I thought....

Sorry! This post is now, uh, about Mumble!
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I guess not. So. Remember that episode of CSI where whathisdude makes friends with the dominitrix. And they drink tea together. Awesome.
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