Horrible Turn
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Fans of Dr. Horrible take note: there is a prequel. And it's fan-made. And it's good. Really really good. YouTube (ten segments) and higher-quality Vimeo available for your viewing pleasure.
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I was so upset to learn that it was premiering here in Houston, and I didn't learn about it early enough to go see it! GRRRRRRR!
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I loved Dr. Horrible, but I didn't really like this. Great camera though. More info on the creators?
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Definitely a prequel, definitely fan-made, definitely good, if by "good" we mean "good at mimicking the look and feel of the original while throwing in the occasional (somewhat hamhanded) reference." But "really really good"? I'm afraid I have to disagree there. It breaks my heart, too, because I can tell how much effort went into this, but to be honest, the writing lacks the charm and wit of Dr. Horrible, the characters are all one-note caricatures, the acting is wooden, and the songs are forced and unmemorable. A+ for effort; C- for execution--the kind of thing I'd definitely think was awesome if my friends made it but, since they didn't, I don't feel any obligation to enjoy. Or maybe the FPP just raised my expectations too high.
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There seems to be a bit more info about them in this Entertainment Weekly blog post.
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I didn't want to be the first to piss on what is clearly a labor of love, and I'll try not to. Yes, the production values are excellent, especially for a fan work. The writing, though, is bad. And unfortunately the writing was almost all of what made Dr. Horrible great. So, yeah. Well done anyway. I mean it about the production. They should be really proud of that.
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It took me a few minutes to warm up to it, but warm up I did. The second half is better than the first, so stick with it. Overall, really well done.
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It had me at the pith-helmeted cop!
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Awh, I disagree with the haters. I think it's adorable.
+1 for the Prodigy reference too.
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By fan film standards, it's not bad. For a crew who've never made a film before, it's pretty damn impressive. And the songs are where it really shines. I hope these folks can use this as a springboard to make something original - I'll definitely check it out when they do.
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It's cute! And even more homoerotic than the original!
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I enjoyed it. Especially the stuff after the credits.

It's not perfect, but it's 100 times better than *most* fan-made stuff. It's derivative, sure, but redeems itself by being aware of that and even poking fun of the fact.

It's my sincerest hope that the people who were involved will go on to do original works. I got the very strong impression (especially from the gag reel) that they have good chemistry with each other and had a lot of fun making it. Now, if they apply that to some original stuff, I think they'll have a ready made audience.
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I was certain that this would be terrible.

But it wasn't. Far from it. This looked good, it sounded good, and--hell--I laughed out loud a few times. Good for them to conceive this and see it through.
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Well, I for one really liked it. I thought it was well done in a tongue in cheek way (the "Dahlhouse" truck made me LOL). It was obviously a fan made thing, but the production value was great. The guy who played Captain Hammer was note-perfect on the gesturing and posturing, IMHO. I really hope they get lots of opportunities stemming from this, they deserve it.
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Apart from that "Australian" accent, it was pretty good.
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Not canon.
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