"We've lost sight of the numbers."
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“A deep political crisis of the Afghan society is obvious… The coalition of social forces continues to change in favor of the counter-revolution.The state regime is not capable of stopping the counter-revolution on its own.” CPAC’s Peter Van Dusen recently hosted a televised debate over Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan. Afghanistan: Noble Fight or Lost Cause?
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Go Canada!
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I'm shocked. I figured that Bush was scared to invade Afghanistan. Maybe there was a reason we never invaded there?

Oh well. I guess I just also figured that Obama would invade Afghanistan and that is that. I mean, sounds simple enough to me. Bush's problem was he just never made the crucial step of deciding to invade Afghanistan. Or maybe invading another country is just not quite that simple? I wonder if lots of things in life, like health care and that thing everyone calls an economy, are just not that simple either...

Doubt it. Invading another country, getting universal health care for all, capping carbon emissions--it should not be that hard. They should just do it.
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Bush's problem was he just never made the crucial step of deciding to invade Afghanistan.

Not sure I understand what you mean by that. The US did invade Afghanistan in 2001, with ground troops in 2002. We have over 100,000 troops there now. If we haven't yet invaded, what have we done?
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An MP3 of the CPAC debate.
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