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Hello, and welcome to Granny O’Grimm’s website. My website I mean. I’m Granny. And I have a website. While you’re here, why not have a look at the short film ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’, starring me?
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Jerky bedsheets.
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As suspicious as I am about film marketing sites, the story retellings are great.
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An old man is lying on his deathbed with his children, grandchildren, and older great-grandchildren all around, teary-eyed at the approaching finale of a very long and productive life. The old man is in a terminal coma, and the doctors have confirmed that the waiting will be over within the next twenty-four hours. Suddenly, the old man opens his eyes and croaks: "I must be dreaming of heaven! I smell Granny O'Grimm's strudel!"

"No, grandfather, you are not dreaming. Granny is baking strudel now."

"I know I will never have another taste of her delicious strudel after this one. Could you please go down and get me a piece?", the old man begs with what is left of his final breath.

One of the grandchildren is immediately dispatched to honor the old man's last request. After a long time, he returns empty-handed.

"Did you bring me one last piece of your Granny's delicious strudel?" the old man plaintively queries.

"I'm very sorry, grandfather, but she says it's for the funeral."
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man, I nearly gave up when the first naked loader bar vanished to show another loader bar, a prettier one, which filled up to nothing happening for a few seconds when it filled.

And then when I clicked on one of the links at the bottom of what finally showed up, I got… another loading bar. And closed it.

Man, how I hate Flash sites. Especially when they don't even move after all that loading - really, the front page was just a static image with a 'fire crackle' sound loop overlaid, why couldn't it have been HTML?
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Bzzzzt! More than five seconds to show something other than "loading . . ."

Maybe when I have time - or not.
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Very nice film and worth the wait to load. Thanks!
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the front page was just a static image with a 'fire crackle' sound loop overlaid, why couldn't it have been HTML?

No, Granny is rocking in her chair, turning the pages of the book she's reading and the light from the fire is flickering faintly around the room. I think you'd have a tough time doing that with HTML. And besides, if you wait long enough, she...well it made me laugh!

Kathleen O’Rourke is a brilliant storyteller and the animation is very good; warm and slightly quirky. The audio and soundtrack are excellent. It's no wonder it has won awards at festivals and I really don't understand the hate here. Some of you remind me of Homer standing in front of the microwave oven complaining, "Hurry up! Hurry up!"

The making of Granny O'Grimm.
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Oh, do go back and reload the home page. When I first followed the link, I jumped right to the film extract, which I loved, but there's some other good stuff there, like Storytime and Agony Granny.
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