Tattooing Since 1928 by a Teacher of the Art
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Stoney Knows How is a half-hour film by Alan Govenar and Bruce “Pacho” Lane that portrays Leonard "Stoney" St. Clair, tattoo artist and former sideshow performer. Affected with rheumatoid arthritis when he was four, and with stunted growth, Stoney left Appalachia at fifteen to join the circus as a sword swallower and learned to tattoo soon after. The film is about as safe for work as a 1970s tattoo parlor, which is to say, not very.
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A lot of people around here (Columbus, OH) knew him, because his last tattoo shop was here. Very cool guy.

"Located just north of Goodale on N. High St. (close to the old train depot and next to Mellman's Bar) in Columbus, Ohio, Leonard L. "Stoney" St. Clair (Nov. 9, 1912-Dec. 3, 1980) held court and built his legend. A sign out front read 'Stoney Knows How, Tattooing, By the Teacher of the Art, Since 1928'"
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Oh, that was lovely. Thank you.
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Just for further information about the site it's on, a previous post about
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Misting up...
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Great bit of documentary, thanks.
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Wow, that was badass. Great find hydrophonic.
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As someone who just recently has delved into the art (and the acquirement) of tattooing, this is great to watch.

The artistry, the character, and the ethos of this man are just incredible. A great document of Stoney.

quite a find!
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thank you!
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If you liked this, you also need to watch Hori Smoku, Sailor Jerry about Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.
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A gem. Thanks for posting!
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There aren't any words for how much I love this.
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