"Though my shock'd soul recoils, my tongue shall tell."
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Walk the streets of Pompeii. Google Street View extends its reach into the ruins of antiquity. For a contemporary account, read Pliny the Younger's letters describing events surrounding Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius (as well as his uncle's death). For more about Pompeii and photgraphs of the site, see here.
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Ah, memories of places I've visited before. DOUBLE.
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Dammit. Mods, feel free to do what needs to be done.
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What's that band, who did that song "The Captain of Her Heart"?

Oh yeah... Double

This post is a double, as well.
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I've flagged it. Clever comments pointing out its doubleness should be posted fast, before the mods bring the deletion mojo!
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Tour guides at Pompeii suggest that the paintings in the brothels also served to indicate for sailors visiting from the Port of Naples and unable to speak the local language could simply point to the depicted act that they wanted to buy from the brothel.
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