Baseball Bromides (Japanese baseball cards)
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Besuboru Bromides (Japanese Baseball Cards) from the collection of John Gall, as featured at A Journey Round My Skull. Here is an earlier essay by Gall about Japanese baseball cards.
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Very cool. A few years ago I was talking with a Japanese visitor and was surprised to hear that his preference for American football made him, to use his word, a "nerd."
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Bromide? So that's why the guy in Chrono Trigger wanted me to get the naga bromide. It was a trading card!

Thanks for incidentally solving a childhood mystery.
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Fantastic find here, thanks!
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From my understanding, in Japanese culture a "bromide" is basically any sort of celebrity photograph. It's now seen as an old-fashioned term, sort of like when my grandfather calls a milkshake a "phosphate." On the other hand, the word has also found usage in video games and otaku culture, where it usually carries the implication of pin-up/cheesecake photography.

So I'm pretty sure the guards in Chrono Trigger just wanted you to retrieve their creepy serpent-woman porn.
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