Father Christmas turned away from asylum centre over security concerns
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Police were called in Police were called in to prevent a clergyman dressed as Father Christmas from delivering presents to children at a UK asylum centre due to fears he posed a security threat.
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So, they didn't have permission to enter a secure facility, so they were denied entrance?

Saying they were clergy bringing gifts is not an automatic pass through a checkpoint.
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Looks like some administrators will get coal in their stockings this year. And, when they burn it, the carbon they release will hasten the damage to the environment, making administrators everywhere less comfortable. Father Christmas evidently believes in the long-term and rather scattershot approach to punishing bad children....
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Once, about this time of year... I woke up in the middle of the night to noise on the roof. I grabbed the .45 I keep under the bed and went into the living room. I could see jackbooted feet coming down the chimney..

That son of a bitch is walking with a hell of a limp now, and he hasn't been back!
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Huronbob, read the link.
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"Keep Calm and Carry On"?
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Santa in this case is an Anglican bishop coincidentally named Nick. His organisation wrote to the Home Office & UK Border Agency in advance to ask for age details so they could buy age appropriate gifts. They got no response. They also wrote to the detention centre - a place condemned by MPs as damaging to childrens mental & emotional health - saying they wanted to come & do a nice thing. No response.

They did the right thing, and some of the video here shows the private security guards saying 'gett offa my land'.

Truly, a proud moment in UK history.
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For those who have difficulty reading an entire news item, it was a pre-arranged visit. By "pre-arranged visit" presumably the reporter means the visit was the result of an arrangement by those who manage the institution and those who did the visiting.
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