"I need to watch Grey's Anatomy, so you need to be quiet for an hour."
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"You're in love with Dr. Miracles!" "No, I'm in love with saving lives!" Dr. Miracles saves former President George Bush, Starbucks and Santa Claus by administering highly unorthodox medical treatments (NSFW)
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This is totally amazing.
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So that's where Liza Lapira went. I'd been wondering.
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(There's something completely sublime how Dr. Goldstien is Asian, btw.)
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Crazy and bizarre humor like Sealab 2021. Love it.
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How did this escape notice for three years, and who's going to update Liza Lapira's wikipedia page with this important information?
Lest you think I'm being sexist, Randall Park's wiki is fully endowed.
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It is certainly weird that wikipedia would neglect this seminal work!
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I laffed.
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Great early morning fun, totally ridiculous, great post. How the hell did you find this? And yeah, why has it been hidden these past years? Cool....
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Hehe great music, too...one of those episodes (#4?) rocks The Meters.
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Channel101 and channel101ny (AKA channel102) give me hope that even if unauthorized filesharing did kill off the movie and TV industries, we would still have 5 minute episodes of adorably bad production values and bad jokes to entertain us.

The idea of low budget amateur productions curated by a panel of judges and a voting audience has much more potential than that in theory, but juvenile humor seems to be what works best for them, and hell, I enjoy laughing at dumb jokes.

If nothing else channel101 helps show that some actors are more than just happy victims of dumb luck - the shows with Jack Black and Sarah Silverman for example, end up shining, even with the same dumb scripts, hackneyed concepts, and crappy production values that all their peers have.

Channel101 is my favorite stupid vice.
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Wow! It's hard to swallow that this just came out of nowhere!
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So brilliant. MetaFilter failed to turn this up for how long? Unpossible.
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If it weren't for Dr. Miracles, there would be no Christmas!
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can i confide in you?
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