Moog-y Christmas
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Do you like musical instruments with lots of keyboards? And lots and lots of dials? Then you may like 36 15 MOOG: Stuff with Moog and/or 60's and 70's vintage synths in it. (related Ask MeFi)

Stuff like George Harrison's Electronic Sound (1969). The soundtrack to the "Bubbleator" exhibit at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Music For Robots.

And some cover art that may mess with your mind.

It also has the legendary "Esper Edition" of Vangelis's Blade Runner soundtrack - without which you have never properly heard this music.
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Wow, I collect Moog records. Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog is one of my favorites and I see they have it listed! So this post gets a thumbs up. Thanks!
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My dad bought me this album for Christmas one year. tres funky
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Dials? I got to play this one about two years ago, courtesy of our own metasonix.
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Harrison's faux-naif cover for Electronic Sounds (which I haven't heard for forty years) is fantastic.

Kids, it was like that, back then. To create an electronic composition made you feel like an old-timey telephone operator, plugging in all those cords, thinking in terms of sawtooth and sine waves...and more, much more. Oddly enough, it was more like traditional composition, in terms of keeping in mind the timbres, keys, and range of traditional instruments when putting together a piece, however avant-garde it may have been.

Walking through the snow, uphill both ways...
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I like the idea of the old Moog records, even though I wouldn't necessarily want to listen to them, you know? I can appreciate how cool they were at the time. There is, however, a reason they died off.
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Also, Harrison probably didn't make a single sound you hear on Electronic Sound. The story is that he taped a friend demoing a Moog modular the friend had bought, and then released it as his own album. Kinda crappy thing to do, really.
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even though I wouldn't necessarily want to listen to them

With the exception of Switched-On Bach, of course. Wendy Carlos doesn't even deserve to be grouped with "Moog records", frankly, but she is.
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Walking through the snow, uphill both ways...

It can be even worse...snowsynthesizer!
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I was thinking there would be stuffy by Larry Fast / Synergy on that music blog, but I guess he's more about the sequencer programming than the actual keyboard work.

Still, I loves me some quality vintage Synergy. Completely unlike anything being made today, as far as I can tell.
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Arg! "stuffy"??? I saw it right as my finger clicked "post", and by that time, it was too late!
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You need to back up the Harrison story DecemberBoy, otherwise you're just talking shit.
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hey sourwookie, is that a Buchla?
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