"Three pounds forty and some tobacco"
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The complete archive of International Times, which launched a revolution in underground publishing in the UK and paved the way for Oz (of the School Kids special fame) (previously) and a whole string of british underground zines, a heritage that Alan Moores new zine Dodgem Logic very much calls upon.
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I actually fpound the International Times link via an article in Dodgem Logic, which is such a mad glotrious thowbacky thing-that-should-not-be that the article does not exits on the web, but I should give props to carsonb who posted the main link in a shortly lived thread a while back.
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I like to imagine this coming form an alternate history - like one of Templar AZ's copybooks.
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It would be in the interest of the WHOLE STONED WORLD to obtain and distribute as many of these documents as possible.
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In case anyone is confused, there's a handwritten explanation at the end of The Long Hair Times 1:
Schizophrenia is a double agent of the psyche JAMES BOMB. 000 is the number of the hot wire. The telephone cuts its writs & lies bleeding wrong numbers into a tub of luke warm Channel 4. Black mass media whose Telestar is a corpse in space. CSD = H2?

I like it.
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There's an incomplete archive of Oz Magazine here. There's a load of pages missing though.
There's mention of a CD for sale with them all on, but the contact details don't work any more. If anyone has that CD I'd love a copy...
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For a stroll down memory lane check out Hoppy's photos
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Groovy. I was a regular reader and got my first sexual experience (with another person) through an ad in IT. Thanks for this.
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I was a regular reader and got my first sexual experience (with another person) through an ad in IT.

I was a regular reader too. I always wondered about the people who posted (and responded) to those ads. Were they all just hookers, or were they real people looking to get laid? It didn't seem as though it would be fruitful advertising territory for hookers, but who knows?
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