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Joseph Cavalieri is a stained glass artist. Among his works are illustrations of The Gormenghast novels, several panels based on physical culture ads of the 1950s, and a series depicting scenes from "The Missing Episode" of The Simpsons, such as The Countryman and the Serpent, The Death in the Playground, and Funeral for a Friend. via nag on the lake.
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very very nice, thank you
posted by infini at 12:39 AM on January 1, 2010

This Missing Episode series, huh? What is that a reference to? My google skills have deserted me.
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It's a conceit, basically.
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The strangest Simpsons artwork yet.
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I enjoyed the juxtaposition of "Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license" right above the Sold stickers.
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Very cool indeed, except for the Gormenghast stuff - beautiful work but inappropriate IMHO... should be loads darker and quirkier (like Peake's own illustrations)
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"Perfectly fitting into the Indian caste system, Cavalieri organized Wonder Women and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ontop, followed by a row of Twinkies, then Apu and Manjula. Least important are the magnolia flowers and crushed baby Maggie. "

Wow, that is indeed brilliant. I only wish I could see a bigger image.
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I'm kind of let down by the fact that these are less stained glass than stained glass with stuff drawn on with enamel. If they were really, wholly stained glass, I'd love them.

Also, the physique one is more than a little reminiscent of Gilbert & George done, shall we say, less well.
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Still looking for a stained glass interpretation of the window in this novel.
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very very nice, thank you

for truth
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