Stop the world, I want to get off:
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Stop the world, I want to get off: A group of scientists thinks that a "wobble" in the orbits of Earth and Mercury may have attracted an asteroid, and not a stray comet, to hit the Earth and wipe out the dinosaurs.
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I especially like the Mercury Fact Box:

"...Number of moons: 0. Global magnetic field: yes".
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Oh, yes, but you didn't see it. It was one sexy wobble.

It's really sort of irrelevant. Asteroids and comets hit the Earth, well, all the time -- geologically speaking. This doesn't much change the odds of what the next one will be. And as far as the big one that kilt the dinos, I'd be a lot more comfortable with physical, geologic evidence. Comets and asteroids leave different kinds.
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